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Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

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Cloud Adoption

For organisations just starting out their journey and those looking to better their governance structure, we facilitate and deliver the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

If you are starting with your cloud journey, there are many things you need to think of to set up your cloud environment and your Azure cloud architecture . Things like networking, subscription management, security, governance, and many more, can be fairly complex. That is where the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure can deliver proven guidance to help you with your Azure cloud journey.

Axurcio will help in adopting the most optimized Cloud Adoption Plan for smooth transition. We will help migrating to the cloud following the process of Assess, Migrate, Optimize, and Secure & Manage. We take advantage of cloud-native technologies and modernize solutions. Get in touch with our experts to know more.


Our Approach

  • We deliver successful cloud adoptions by providing a safe environment fostering innovation with minimal investment and commitment.

  • Investing in maintaining highly trained and certified people skilled in bringing the latest platform innovations.


  • Helping you move to the cloud confidently, securely and ensure maintenance with an audited managed service, freeing you to innovate with the latest features of the platform.

  • Transforming through cloud-native development to build and configure digital products delivering cost-effective solutions with modern data stores and flexible networking to solve real business problems.

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